Writer’s Journey 2013

I wrote this post last year (October 2013), but was too afraid to post it. In the spirit of growth, and the hope that I will post more, I’m posting it now as a look back one year ago.


Writing Journey


Ok. Here goes. It’s time to start writing a blog. I’m a complete blogger novice, but I hope to put down here my ideas, my dreams, my process for how I write my novels, and hopefully provide my readers with inspiration to reach their own dreams. I have no idea if this will work. Worst case, my family reads it and gets a chuckle. Best case, readers of my novels will get an inside glimpse into the process involved in creating the books they love. Continue reading

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Short Story – Time In Heaven

Today is the second anniversary of my dad’s death. I miss him every day. This short story was inspired by my thoughts about him.

DSC07975 (640x480)Time in Heaven, by Bonnie Jacoby

I died thirty years ago. I think that’s a long time but I’m not sure. Time flows differently here in Heaven. Most souls choose to return to Earth as soon as they arrive. Others, like me, choose to wait for a loved one.

I’ve been waiting thirty years for my wonderful wife to die. She’s ninety now. Her time is soon. Continue reading

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September Resolutions


So many of us revolve around the school calendar. This makes September feel like the beginning of the year instead of January. Most fun activities put on by community centres and dance schools begin in September. Because of this, I’ve noticed that a number of people discuss their goals for the upcoming year and many set aside Labour Day weekend as a “special” time to start something new. Continue reading

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